Grant Management Information

The Governor’s Highway Safety Office provides grants to programs which are designed to reduce the number of fatalities, injuries and related economic losses resulting from traffic crashes on Tennessee’s roadways. Local governments, law enforcement agencies, academic institutions, and private non-profits can apply for National Highway Safety Transportation Administration pass-through funding for projects related to various areas of highway safety. Eligible project areas are included in the State of Tennessee’s Highway Safety Performance Plan.

Agencies can apply for funding in the following areas:

  • Alcohol Education
  • Alcohol Enforcement
  • DUI Prosecution
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driver Education
  • DUI / Drug Courts
  • Emergency Medical Services/First Responder Training
  • High Visibility Enforcement (HVE)
  • Impaired Driving Education
  • Impaired Driving Enforcement
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • Occupant Protection
  • Police Traffic Services, Multiple Violations
  • Safe Communities
  • Teen Driver Safety
  • Traffic Records

If you serve a county that has a greater than average rate of crash problems based on the 2008-2014 ranking (click here to view) you may qualify for a grant.

  • To view funding opportunities go to If your project plan involves the goal of reducing some category of motor vehicle crash in your jurisdiction, you MUST provide the following:
    1. Three years of baseline statistics from your jurisdiction that are relevant to the category of crash you intend to reduce; for example, alcohol-related crashes.
    2. Comparative crash statistics from other similar jurisdictions that indicate your particular crash problem is above average.
    3. In the case of counter-DUI proposals that involve enforcement, baseline statistics on the numbers of proactive (i.e., not crash-related) DUI arrests and their associated (non-reduced) DUI conviction rates.

Grant applications begin March 1st and close on March 31st. Click here to see Tennessee’s Highway Safety Performance Plan (PDF) for more information on the goals and mission of the Governor’s Highway Safety Office.

If you have any questions about the Governor's Highway Safety Office grant process please contact:

Kevin Hager
Governor's Highway Safety Office
(615) 741-6235


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   1-800-99BELTS (23587)
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