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On January 1st, the fine for a seat belt citation will go up from $10 to $25.


More than 50% of vehicle occupants killed in crashes in Tennessee were not wearing seat belts. The Click It or Ticket campaign is a high visibility enforcement mobilization by local and state law enforcement officials to crack down on seat belt violations.

Click It or Ticket isn’t about the citations; it’s about saving lives. Seat belts are your best defense in the event of a crash. In 2012 seat belts saved an estimated 12,174 people from dying. From 2008 to 2012 seat belts saved nearly 63,000 lives.

Seat belt use is required by law for a reason: If all passenger vehicle occupants 5 and older involved in fatal crashes had worn their seat belts, an additional 3,031 lives could have been saved in 2012 alone.

Tennessee’s local and state law enforcement officials work strenuously to educate every Tennessean through the Click It or Ticket campaign as to the necessity of seat belt usage by utilizing saturation patrols, safety checkpoints, and public information messages.

Click here or on the banner below to visit NHTSA's Click It or Ticket campaign website.  

Click It or Ticket isn’t just a time for law enforcement to crack down on seat belt violations, but also a time to show and inform the public the importance of wearing their seat belts.  
Ronald, Darla, Kayla and Jacob were on their way from Murfreesboro to Franklin on Tennessee State Route 840 to do some shopping for Christmas.  Kayla, 18, said “it was just like any other day”.  Their front tire blew out and lost control of their car.  The car swerved into the gravel along the side of the road and smashed into the rock wall at 75 mph.  Eight people stopped after they saw the crash and told them that they had rolled 4 times and eventually ended up upside-down in their car.  Luckily, all four occupants were wearing their seat belt.  “I am thoroughly convinced that if we hadn’t been wearing our seat belts, at least one of us would have been thrown out the sunroof and crushed underneath the car,” said Kayla. Luckily, the family left with only scrapes and bruises, not a single broken bone. 
There are hundreds of stories, like this one, that show how important wearing your seat belt can be in life and death situations.  Why are cops enforcing seat belt laws? Because in real life, you don’t get a second chance. 

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